diaper cake
diaper cake
Kris-T German Shepherds
Quantity doesn’t beget Quality
Established 1969
Located in Oregon.  The first shepherd to covet the Kris-T name was purchased in 1969 named -- “Kris-T’s Jola von Rogue UD” Her intelligence and temperament were far beyond your imagination.  She was truly brilliant.  She completed her Companion Dog title (CD) in three straight shows, her Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) in three straight shows, and her Utility Dog title (UD) in four shows, with an average score of 193 or better out of a possible total of 200 points.  Jola made me a believer in the breed, I was hooked. I owned several shepherds between Jola and my first home bred Champion-- “Ch Kris-T’s Classee v Wyne-Tre”.
With each one I became more knowledgeable about which bloodlines I wanted to use to set my foundation.  Temperament, health and structure were as important as winning.  You can’t have one without the other. Thanks for your inquiry and enjoy my site; and the wonderful Kris-T dogs.
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